The Master in Photography and Visual Design program integrates theoretical study with laboratories and project workshops.

Your coursework in visual theory and the history of photography will be enriched by guided visits to research centers, performance spaces, audiovisual production facilities, publishing houses, theatres, artists’ studios, museums, and contemporary art galleries.

Your workshops will take place in studios equipped with the latest equipment and technologies. In collaboration with partner companies and institutions, faculty will give you assignments that simulate real-world projects. Workshops focus on a range of areas, including photography exhibitions, photography magazines, photo/video interactions, and corporate projects.

During the final phase of the program, you’ll complete a period of internship at a selected company or institution, such as a publishing company, editorial office, photo agency, photo archive, museum, gallery, or photo studio. There, you have a chance to make connections and gain practical knowledge that will facilitate your entry into the world of photography, visual arts, and communication. You’ll learn professional presentation techniques that will be useful in the working environment, and you’ll develop the technical and practical skills you need to succeed as a photographer/visual designer in national and international markets.

The Master in Photography and Visual Design program is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) as an Academic Master’s degree (60 CFs).


Project and Set Design, Photography (Magazines), Photo Editing, History of Photography, Theory of Image, Photo Documentation, Computer Graphics, and Photography Techniques.